Arrival Details, Updates, and Reminders [Important]

Hey Racers! 


Can you believe that launch is in a few short DAYS?! It’s almost here and we want you to be ready.  Here are a few important reminders about launch! There is a TON of information in this email – some new, some on repeat. Please read this email carefully and in its entirety!


Registration Requirements:

1. Proof of a negative Covid test for Launch registration: At registration on January 22nd, you must provide proof that you’ve tested negative for Covid within 6 days of arriving at registration (no earlier than Sunday, January 17th): 

South America – Your test must be a PCR test (i.e. NOT a rapid test), as the results of that test will also get you into Ecuador. 

Central America – Any valid COVID test is acceptable. (Central America squad only: If you already have a test scheduled for the 16th, we will accept that as well!) 

If you do not show up with proof of a negative Covid test, we will be unable to register you for Launch and you may not be able to launch internationally.

The proof of testing will need to have the following information on it:

  • Your Name

  • Date of Test (within 6 days of registration)

  • Name of testing facility, doctor or nurse who tested you

  • Test result (negative for Covid) 

  • Type of test (PCR tests required for South America squad) 

If you test positive for Covid prior to coming, or begin experiencing symptoms, please let me know ASAP, so that we can make adjustments to your arrival on a case by case basis.


2. Pre-arrival Tracking form: At registration, you will also be required to bring this completed form which will verify the following:

Your daily temperature 7 days prior to registration

Your contact history for anyone with Covid

3. Informed Acknowledgement of Risk form: Bring this signed form (signed by both you and your parents) with you to Launch!


You will need to bring all three of these completed forms with you to registration.



To add to your packing list:

Central America Packing List  //  South America Packing List

  • Be sure you have at least FIVE washable masks!

  • Every Racer will need to have his/her own travel-sized, refillable hand sanitizer to keep on your person. This will ensure you always have access to it for ministry, adventures days, etc. We are working with hosts to try to get sanitizer, in bulk, for you to refill your bottle. We also recommend a small pack of antibacterial wipes for travel days, etc!

  • If you already own a tent, please bring one! (No need to go out and buy one, just bring one if you have it! [for potential quarantining purposes]) 



Your Arrival Information:

If you’re flying to Georgia:


When your flight arrives, grab your pack from baggage claim, and then make your way to the North Baggage Area of the DOMESTIC TERMINAL. This should be the blue, non-Delta side. Please gather against the glass wall under the escalator leading to the overhead indoor/outdoor bridge. An Adventures staff person will be there in the early afternoon to greet you.


If you’re getting dropped off in Gainesville:

Arrive at Adventures in Missions’ main campus between 3:30 and 4:30 PM EST on January 22nd. 

6000 Wellspring Trail

Gainesville, GA 30506


IMPORTANT NOTE: Cars are not permitted to be parked on campus while you are on the field. If you are driving, you will need to be dropped off and your car taken off property.



Emergency Contact for Travel: If you have any emergencies or issues as you travel that will cause you to arrive outside of the above time frame, please contact me, Ronny Wilson, at 770-835-4795.



Finally, please review our on-field COVID guidelines



Let me know if you have any questions! See you so soon!