Important: Yellow Fever Vaccination Recommended

Hey January Racers!
As we continue to monitor what countries are doing related to entry requirements, we see some things changing in unpredictable ways. In particular, we are hearing conflicting reports about certain countries on your various routes beginning to ask for proof of Yellow Fever vaccination for entry into the country. While we will continue our efforts to get a definitive answer, it is possible that we will not be able to guarantee what might be in effect as you travel. If you get to a border and discover it is required for entry and you do not have it, you may be denied entry to the country. In this circumstance, Adventures in Missions would help you assess your options, but our goal is to avoid such logistical emergencies if at all possible!
Due to the unpredictability of how countries will handle entry in this COVID era, and to err on the side of caution, we highly recommend you get the Yellow Fever vaccination (along with the Yellow Fever vaccination card for proof) for logistical reasons. 
Since there is a current shortage of the vaccine, it is important to find a location and book an appointment as soon as possible. Please consult the CDC website for more information, including how to find a vaccination clinic near you. Please update the medical tab of your profile (under “Training Camp & Launch”) once you have acquired this vaccine (and any others). 
This is the only vaccination we are strongly recommending you receive for this trip because it is a logistical necessity. Remember, for any other possible vaccinations, we encourage you to consult the CDC and talk to your doctor! 
As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns! 

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