Launch Info [6 Month Gap Year]



Your 6-month adventure with Jesus will begin in Georgia on January 3rd!


*I’m aware this is a day earlier than we’ve previously communicated. Reach out to me (Ronny) directly if this is an issue for you!


You are now good to book your travel to Georgia! You will spend a few days at our main campus in Gainesville, Georgia, before heading to Nicaragua! Please arrange your travel ASAP, but no later than 11/30. 

  • If you’re flying to Georgia:

Book a flight arriving to Atlanta, GA (ATL) no later than 1:30pm on January 3rd.

An Adventures in Missions shuttle will transport you from the airport to our campus at 2:00pm. Please know, if you arrive at the Atlanta airport earlier than 1:30pm, you will be waiting until 2pm to be picked up by the Adventures in Missions shuttle. 

  • If you’re getting dropped off in Gainesville:

Arrive at Adventures in Missions’ main campus between 2:45 and 4 PM EST on January 3rd. 

6000 Wellspring Trail

Gainesville, GA 30506


Once you have planned your travel, update the “Travel” section of your profile (under “Training Camp & Launch”), due November 30.


What’s up with COVID?

Instead of meeting at a major airport and flying directly to Nicaragua, we decided to bring you guys to our campus in Georgia for a few days of training and prep. You are now required to get a negative COVID test prior to coming to Georgia. We will coordinate your squad’s COVID testing in Georgia, and this test will be free of charge for you. 


It’s very important that your results are negative. In the two weeks leading up to January 3rd, do everything you can to distance yourself and be extra cautious to avoid COVID-exposure in an effort to help make sure your COVID test comes back negative. We understand this will be difficult amidst Christmas, New Year’s, and farewells, but, should you test positive, you will not be able to travel to Nicaragua with your squad, therefore you’ll miss the beginning of your trip! This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 


Once we get all our negative COVID tests returned, we’ll be flying out on January 7th to Nicaragua! You’ll be serving in Nicaragua for the first 3 months. It’s our hope to shift countries for the second half of your trip, but right now Cambodia isn’t an option (but maybe it will be an option later?!). 


You’re coming with us, step by step, as we cautiously pioneer international missions again. We’re really glad you’re joining us. 


As always, let me know if you have any questions – I’m standing by to serve you.