COVID Update: Action Required

As we plan to see you in a few short weeks, we have a few updates about your trip!


As you know, the impact of Covid continues to alter so many things. As our team has watched regulations shift nationally and globally, we need to adjust a few things regarding your preparation to join us in January. Please note the following adjustments: 


Proof of a negative Covid test for Launch registration: At registration in January, you must provide proof that you’ve tested negative for Covid within 7 days of arriving at registration (for 6-Month Gap Year, no earlier than Monday, December 28th; for 3-Month trips, no earlier than Saturday, January 16th):

If you do not show up with proof of a negative Covid test, we will be unable to register you for Launch.

The proof of testing will need to have the following information on it:

Your Name

Date of Test (within 7 days of registration)

Name of testing facility, doctor or nurse who tested you

Test result (negative for Covid)

If you cannot provide proof of your test results, please fill out this form with your parents and bring it to registration

If you test positive for Covid prior to coming, please let me know ASAP so that we can make adjustments to your arrival on a case by case basis.


Pre-arrival Tracking form: At registration, you will also be required to bring this completed form which will verify the following:

Your daily temperature 7 days prior to registration

Your contact history for anyone with Covid

Informed Acknowledgement of Risk form: Bring this signed form (signed by both you and your parents) with you to Launch!

You will need to bring all three of these completed forms with you to registration.


Also, please check out this updated FAQ sheet for info about immunizations!


Let me know if you have any questions! See you so soon!